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11 September 01:49am #1
thanmatienthanh  thanmatienthanh
Post: 15
You Want To Own A Movie Page On WapKiZ..

Demo: http://nonton.wapkiz.com/

Do You Want To Own My .WapKizTPL File.. Just Up Theme » Backup / Restore (New!) You have a movie site now

All Movies Will Be Taken From Youtube.. Are you sure the movie won't be easily deleted..to get it back to your web site
Thanks: shamulhasan, Vamp,
14 September 05:24pm #2
shamulhasan  shamulhasan
Post: 2
please download link
01 January 12:00am #3
thanmatienthanh  thanmatienthanh
Post: 15
Yes.. I need to make a tutorial[urlhttps://link1s.com/WquTA] File NonTon.WapkizZTPL[/url]
15 September 12:50pm #4
thanmatienthanh  thanmatienthanh
Post: 15
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